Radio Button in Infopath browser forms

I heard many times my client saying that they need only radio buttons in infopath and not the drop down because when the fields are created in SharePoint site and customized using infopath, they are automatically converted in to drop down.

Are you too encountering the same problem? Don’t worry. Follow the below steps to convert it to radio button.


To show you the steps, I have created a “Employee Info” list with below fields where Gender is selected as Radio button in choice type.


If New item is to be added, the below form will be opened:


This is the default form of SharePoint list. If you try to customize the look and feel of the list, using infopath, you will find that radio button is converted into drop down field as depicted below:


To make it as radio button, delete the field from the form view.

NOTE*: Do not delete the control permanently. Just delete it from the view.

In right corner of the infopath, you will see the list of fields with “Show advanced view” link. Click on the highlighted link. If you are not able to see the list of fields, click on the “DATA” menu -> Show Fields available under SharePoint Form Data section.


When you click on the field in advanced view, you will see a small inverted triangle. Click on the triangle and select Option button. Enter the number of choices to be inserted.

option button


Type the labels for inserted radio buttons and edit the values in Properties. That is, right click on the radio button, select Properties and type the value in “Value when selected”.


Alternative approach is to change the control to option button and perform a copy-paste for each choice. Finally, change the value of each choice as shown above in picture.

That’s it!!!

Make the form attractive and publish it.



2 thoughts on “Radio Button in Infopath browser forms

  1. The visuals and steps all the way through the copy-paste option were very helpful for a scenario I used to build a product for my job/work (and potentially many more). Thanks so much!


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