SharePoint Access Denied Issue

We recently faced a SharePoint access issue in one of our SharePoint 2010 site being upgraded to Office 365 with 2010 look and feel. I would like to share the issue with the solution as it might help someone in the future.


We added a client X to one of our SharePoint group with contribute permission. As the client was not able to access it, we removed the client from the group and added him again but still he faced the same issue. We tried with different levels of permission which was also a failure. We started to explore the issue much deeper.

What we did is, we just clicked on Site Actions -> Site Permissions -> SharePoint group(in which the user was added) and moved the mouse over the client’s name to open his contact card. There we found the problem! The email id in contact card was where as the current email id . We thought his email id was not updated in Active directory. To confirm it, we gave permission to another site and was shocked to see his email id as Now the issue was becoming more and more complicated

When we approached our support team, they asked us to remove the client and added him again. We started to do it again but when we removed the user and checked his permission as “None”, he was still existing in “All People” Page. OMG…This is the reason behind the  issue


How to go to All People Page in SharePoint 2010? In MOSS 2007 site, when you click on Site Actions-> Site Settings-> People and groups under Users and Permissions, you will find “All People” in Quick Launch as shown below:

moss 2007

But in 2010 site, there is no such link. In order to go to All People Page, use the below url:

If you are the primary or secondary site administrator, then select the user, remove the user permission and add him again. Now you have granted access to the user with current email id!


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