Workflow got Cancelled?

Hi Friends…This time I would like to share one of the reason that workflow gets cancelled. Are you using SharePoint Designer for Workflows? Is the workflow Cancelled? No worries…Follow this article..

Scenario: Email triggered with information about Multiple choice field

To have better understanding, let’s assume we have SharePoint list with below fields:

Name(Title)-Single line of Text

Address- Multiple lines of text

Hobbies- Choice(Checkbox)

Now let’s create a workflow in SharePoint Designer to trigger email to the admin. In the workflow, insert “Send Email” Action with below message:

Hi Admin,
An Item has been created by [%Current Item:Created By%] with below details:
Name: [%Current Item:Name%]
Hobbies: [%Current Item:Hobbies%]

Save it and publish the workflow with required workflow settings(say, start workflow automatically when an item is created)

Now when the user opens the form to fill only Name and Address and leave the Hobbies without any selection, the workflow fails.

So, Always note that when a multi-select checkbox is used in the Email, follow any one of the below rules:

  • Make the multiple choice field as mandatory in InfoPath form
  • Remove Multiple Choice Field from Email Action in Workflow and publish it
  • Create a default choice for multiple choice field(here, hobbies) as “NONE” or “OTHER” as per your wish



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