Site Template

How to create a site from existing template?

  • Go to the site (whose template is to be used for new site)
  • Click on Gear wheel->Site Settings
  • Click on Save site as template under Site Actions as highlighted below

Site Settings

  • On clicking the link, it takes to Save as  Template page where file name and Template name should be given
  • Check “Include Content” box and hit OK button.

Save As Template

  • The below message will be shown. Click on the “Solution gallery” hyperlink in it

Operation Completed

  • In Solution Gallery, you can see the template of the site that is created before few minutes.
  • Click on it to download the .wsp file. Now, we have a local copy of the template in our system.

Solution Gallery

  • Go to the Central admin site to create a new site collection
  • Click on New->Private Site Collection

New Site.png

  • Do not select in-built templates. Just click on custom tab and hit OK button.

New Site Collection

  • In Template selection, you cannot find the custom template as you have not yet uploaded.
  • To upload the solution, click on “Solution Gallery”

Upload Custom Template

  • Click on Upload Solution in the ribbon.
  • Choose the file from Computer and press OK button.


Add Solution

  • In Add a Solution dialog, click on “Activate” to activate the solution.


  • If you go to the new site, you can see the custom tab with our template.
  • Select the template and Set up groups for the site.

Create from Custom


  • Now, we can see the contents of previous site in our new site as highlighted below.

New site from Template.png


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