Query Strings in SharePoint

Let us see some of the query strings used in SharePoint:

  • contents=1 ->used to troubleshoot the sharepoint page.When it is appended at the end of the url as:


it takes us to webpart maintenance page where we can find the webpart causing the error by trying to close each one and deleting the problematic webpart

  • IsDlg=1->used to hide the header and quick launch(i.e. chrome).Generally used in SharePoint forms.
  • FilterField1=Gender&FilterValue1=Male(FilterField1=columnname&FilterValue1=columnvalue)->used to filter sharepoint list webpart with the condition, Gender=”Male”
  • FilterName=Hobbies&FilterMultiValue=Painting;Reading(FilterName=columnname&FilterMultiValue=columnvalue1; columnvalue2)->used to filter sharepoint list with multiplevalues in singlecolumn
  • PageView=Shared&ToolPaneView=2->used to show the edit mode of the page, browse and add the webpart
  • PageView=Shared&ToolPaneView=3->used to show the edit mode of the page, search and add the webpart
  • SortField=Hobbies&SortDir=Desc(SortField=ColumnName&SortDir=Desc/Asc) ->used to sort the sharepoint list by Hobbies in Descending order
  • _layouts/viewlsts.aspx -> To go to “All Site Content” Page

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