Upgrading SharePoint App

Whenever you make changes and redeploy the app, data that were created previously by the app will be lost. To make changes in the app without losing the data, you need to upgrade the app.

Let us see how to upgrade the app:

  • Open AppManifest.xml and increment the version number by 1 whenever a change is made
  • In my case, version is Hence I am changing it to and publishing the app as shown below:

Publishing app

  • Click on Finish in Publish summary.

Publish summary

  • Explorer window opens as depicted below:

Published app version

  • Copy the location of the file and go to the developer site
  • You can see the list of apps in App Testing. Select the app and click on upgrade an app


  • Click on Upload and browse the file from copied location

Upgrade - Upload

  • Click on Upgrade

Upgrad - Complete

  • You can see the upgrade progress as shown below:


  • Once upgraded, the version is changed to and if you check for the previous data, it actually exists.

That’s it!

Reference: http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/article/upgrade-sharepoint-hosted-add-insapps-in-sharepoint-2013/



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