SharePoint REST API results in browsers

Rest api results for SharePoint lists can be seen in Google Chrome in xml format.

What if you don’t have Chrome and still interested in viewing results ?

To view results in IE:

Feed in IE

  • Go to Settings and click on Internet Options

IE options

  • Click on Settings under Feeds and Web Slices in Content tab and uncheck the turn on feed reading view box.


  • You will see the results in Xml format as shown below:


To view results in Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Firefox and type the rest url. You will see the same feeds page as IE

Firefox feed

Result in firefox

Advantages of viewing results in browsers:

  • You can immediately verify the rest operation results
  • You can find the column name to use it in rest operation

Exclude AllItems.aspx from Search Results in Content Search Web Part

When I was working with Content Search web part in one of my SharePoint sites, I experienced a problem where the search result for list items is displayed along with list views.
In this article, I will show you how to remove the list views in CSWP search results.
For better understanding, consider a list, EMPINFO from which you want to show the items in CSWP. To show specific list items, you might have carried out the below steps

  • Edit the CSWP and click on Change query

  • Choose Documents (System) in Select a query
  •  Choose Specify a URL and enter the list URL for Restrict by app

  • Switch to Advanced mode and remove the highlighted file extension query text.

  • You can see AllItems.aspx view along with the list items in search results.

To remove the view, you can follow any one of the below step:

  • Select “Only return items “ in keyword filter and click on “Add Keyword Filter”
  •  Just append [contentclass:STS_ListItem] after Path in Query text