The Standard View of your list is being displayed because your browser does not support running ActiveX controls


When we open a Datasheet view in SharePoint, it displays it in Standard view with the error “The Standard View of your list is being displayed because your browser does not support running ActiveX controls.” as shown below.



  • In Internet Explorer, click on settings(Gear wheel symbol) and select Compatibility View settingsCompatibility view
  • Check “Display Intranet sites in Compatibility view” and hit close button

Compatibility settings

  • Refresh the Datasheet view with error to see the magic 😛


NOTE: To apply this solution, close all the open windows and programs except IE.

  • In Internet Explorer, click on settings(Gear wheel symbol) and select Internet Options
  • Click on Advanced tab and hit Reset Button


  • Now, open the datasheet view with error.
  • If it does not work, restart the system after resetting IE and open the datasheet view to see it working!




This file cannot be saved because some properties are missing or invalid


Editing a word document in SharePoint and saving it, throws the below error

Doc Properties Message

The error clearly states that required or mandatory column is not filled. When we check the properties by clicking “Go to Document Properties”, we see the core and mandatory column, Author as blank but they were filled already. Though we fill and save it back in word document properties, it becomes blank.



Before uploading this document in sharepoint, author has inspected the document and removed the document properties and personal information as shown below



Click on File->Options to see Word Options dialog box. In the dialog box, select Trust center on left and click Trust center Settings button located under Microsoft Word Trust Center

Click on Privacy options and uncheck “Remove Personal information from file properties on save as shown below

Hit OK button and try to save the document.  Yayy! The error is  vanished.

No item exists. It may have been deleted or removed by another user

In this article, let us see one of the scenario for which the error is shown as “No item exists at {item url}. It may have been deleted or removed by another user”


You have a SharePoint list customized in InfoPath for course registration where whenever user registers for a course, an email with item url is sent to the approver for approval. Once the approver clicks on the link in email, the below message is shown.

No Item exists error



  • Go to List settings->Advanced settings
  • Check if item-level permissions is set as “Read items that were created by the user” for Read access and “create items and edit items that were created by the user” for create and edit access
  • This setup in item level permission indicates that only users can see and edit the items created by them


  • Item level permission applies to users with Contribute or Edit access. So, to see and edit other’s item(override item level permission), the approvers should be given Design or Full Control Permission.
  • Another solution is to reset the item level permission configurations to default and use other ways of restricting access to items such as Replace permission using SharePoint designer workflow, SharePoint view filter for CreatedBy is equal to [Me]


SharePoint Designer 2007 Workflow : Stopped

Hi Friends – This article is yet another issue that we faced in Workflow

Recently, we created SharePoint Designer 2007 workflow to send email to the requester and SharePoint group, “Admin”. When the requester created an item, the mail did not trigger and the workflow status was “Stopped”. When one of the person from “Admin” group navigated to the list and approved it, mail was triggered. We were breaking our heads for an hour by rolling back the changes as it was working initially. Finally we came to know that “Admin” group in email was the Problematic one.


When we create workflow to send email with SharePoint group as mail recipient, the workflow stops running.


  • Go to Site Actions->Site Settings->People and groups under Users and Permissions
  • Click on the SharePoint group(in our case, Admin) and go to Settings->Group Settings
  • Allow everyone to see the membership of the group by changing the group settings as shown below:


Workflow got Cancelled?

Hi Friends…This time I would like to share one of the reason that workflow gets cancelled. Are you using SharePoint Designer for Workflows? Is the workflow Cancelled? No worries…Follow this article..

Scenario: Email triggered with information about Multiple choice field

To have better understanding, let’s assume we have SharePoint list with below fields:

Name(Title)-Single line of Text

Address- Multiple lines of text

Hobbies- Choice(Checkbox)

Now let’s create a workflow in SharePoint Designer to trigger email to the admin. In the workflow, insert “Send Email” Action with below message:

Hi Admin,
An Item has been created by [%Current Item:Created By%] with below details:
Name: [%Current Item:Name%]
Hobbies: [%Current Item:Hobbies%]

Save it and publish the workflow with required workflow settings(say, start workflow automatically when an item is created)

Now when the user opens the form to fill only Name and Address and leave the Hobbies without any selection, the workflow fails.

So, Always note that when a multi-select checkbox is used in the Email, follow any one of the below rules:

  • Make the multiple choice field as mandatory in InfoPath form
  • Remove Multiple Choice Field from Email Action in Workflow and publish it
  • Create a default choice for multiple choice field(here, hobbies) as “NONE” or “OTHER” as per your wish


SharePoint Access Denied Issue

We recently faced a SharePoint access issue in one of our SharePoint 2010 site being upgraded to Office 365 with 2010 look and feel. I would like to share the issue with the solution as it might help someone in the future.


We added a client X to one of our SharePoint group with contribute permission. As the client was not able to access it, we removed the client from the group and added him again but still he faced the same issue. We tried with different levels of permission which was also a failure. We started to explore the issue much deeper.

What we did is, we just clicked on Site Actions -> Site Permissions -> SharePoint group(in which the user was added) and moved the mouse over the client’s name to open his contact card. There we found the problem! The email id in contact card was where as the current email id . We thought his email id was not updated in Active directory. To confirm it, we gave permission to another site and was shocked to see his email id as Now the issue was becoming more and more complicated

When we approached our support team, they asked us to remove the client and added him again. We started to do it again but when we removed the user and checked his permission as “None”, he was still existing in “All People” Page. OMG…This is the reason behind the  issue


How to go to All People Page in SharePoint 2010? In MOSS 2007 site, when you click on Site Actions-> Site Settings-> People and groups under Users and Permissions, you will find “All People” in Quick Launch as shown below:

moss 2007

But in 2010 site, there is no such link. In order to go to All People Page, use the below url:

If you are the primary or secondary site administrator, then select the user, remove the user permission and add him again. Now you have granted access to the user with current email id!