Error: Access Denied in approving an item


There is a InfoPath form library with unique permission set for each item(form) using “Replace permission” action in SharePoint Designer Workflow. When an item is created, an email is sent to the Approver with Contribute permission set by the workflow. If approver opens it, it shows access denied message.


Check if InfoPath form library has the below library configurations in Versioning Settings:

  • Require content approval for submitted items – Yes
  • Who should see draft items in this document library – Only users who can approve items (and the author of the item)


Here are the possible solutions you can implement based on your scenario.

  1. If Content approval is not required, change it to “No” to avoid the above scenario
  2. If content approval is required, then approver can approve bulk items to allow others to see and edit the item
  3. If you do not wish to make any change in content approval, then you can change the Draft item Security(Who can see Draft Items) to Only users who can edit items
  4. If you do not wish to change the Content approval as well as Draft Item security, then you must change the permission assigned by the workflow to provide Approve access. This will work only for the items that will be created thereafter but for existing items, permission should be granted manually or using script



Access denied in editing default.aspx page


User with full control is trying to edit default.aspx page and gets Error: Access Denied message.


  • Go to Site Actions-> Site Settings
  • Click on Master pages and page layouts under Galleries

Site settings - options

  • Click on Library Permissions icon in the ribbon as shown below and grant appropriate permission to the user

Library permissions


How to check-in multiple files at once


When you have a mandatory column in document library and when you upload multiple files and folders in it using “Open with explorer” option, all the files either within or without folders will be checked out by default.

Checked Out Files

When you try to check-in the file, it will prompt you to fill out all the required properties before checking in the file.


How to fill out the properties for multiple files(including the files within folders):

  • Click on Library in the ribbon and click “Create View” under Manage Views
  • Choose Datasheet view, give a name(say, Properties view) and check the boxes under Columns for Type, Name and the mandatory columns
  • Expand the folder and choose “Show all items without folders”and click OK button.

Folder Options

  • Now, fill out the values for mandatory column in properties view

Properties View

  • Stop editing this list

How to Check-in the files:

  • Go to Properties view and switch to Standard view
  • Select all the documents using ‘Tick Mark” behind Name column
  • Click on Files tab in the ribbon and select “Check In” under “Open & Check Out”

Check In.png

Alternative ways to check in multiple files in Publishing sites:

If you have at least edit permission in a publishing site, you can use the below method:

  • Go to Site Settings and click on “Content and Structure” under Site Administration
  • Change the view from “Default View” to “Checked Out To Me” as depicted below:

Content and Structure - Checked Out to Me.png

  • Select all the documents, go to Actions and select “Check In” as shown below

Content and Structure - Check In.png

That’s it!